Axiom Telecom Jobs and careers in UAE

Axiom Telecom Jobs and careers in UAE

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Axiom Telecom is a leading electronics retailer and distributor based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1997, the company has grown to become one of the largest suppliers of mobile phones and accessories in the Middle East.  Axiom Telecom has more than 200 stores in the region and offers a wide range of products from major brands such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei and Microsoft. In addition to its retail operations, Axiom Telecom is also a major distributor of mobile phones and accessories to other retailers and businesses in the Middle East.

The company has partnerships with major global brands such as Nokia, BlackBerry and HTC and is the exclusive distributor of some of the world’s leading mobile phone manufacturers in the region.

About Company 

Axiom Telecom is a telecommunications retailer in the Middle East. The company’s activities combine wireless communication equipment wholesale, retail, value-added services (games, ringtones, data backups, etc.) and after-sales service. Axiom has mobile  devices from Nokia, Honor, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung and Huawei. In 2010, Axiom Telecom was appointed  as a reseller of Blackberry products in the Middle East. Axiom Telecom operates in India as a joint venture with Future Group as Future Axiom Ltd, where it has around 350 retail outlets.

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Axiom Service Provider is the airtime service provider of Thuraya Satellite Company. It has service agreements with international telecommunications companies. Axiom’s service provider is Thuraya’s only national service provider  in Iraq. In recent years, Axiom Telecom has expanded  beyond the Middle East,  opening  several new stores in North Africa and Asia. The company has also partnered with major international airlines to offer various products and services to passengers.


Working at Axiom

One of the main reasons for Axiom Telecom’s success is its commitment to customer service. The company has its own team of trained professionals ready to help customers with all their questions or concerns. In addition, Axiom Telecom offers a wide range of after-sales services, including repairs and replacements, to ensure that customers are fully satisfied with their purchase. Another factor that has contributed to the company’s success is its focus on innovation and staying at the forefront of development.

Axiom Telecom is a one of the first companies in the Middle East to offer the latest mobile phones and accessories and has been doing so for years.

The company has also introduced several innovative services, such as a “try before you buy” program, which allows customers to test  the latest devices before buying. They provide a differentiated service to mobility products and solutions that improve the quality of life of their customers. They have a simple philosophy: they don’t sell equipment; they provide constant smiles, memories and peace of mind. Their goal is to keep you connected at all times. So when you walk out of their stores with your new smartphone or tablet, they walk out with you.

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December 14, 2022