Baker Hughes Jobs and Careers in UAE

Baker Hughes Jobs and Careers in UAE

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Baker Hughes Company is an American multinational industrial services company and one of the  largest oilfield services companies in the world. The company provides products and services to the oil and gas industry  for oil drilling, formation evaluation, completion, production and reservoir consulting. Baker Hughes is based in Delaware and headquartered in Houston.

The company was originally known as Baker Hughes Incorporated until 2017 when it  merged with GE Oil become  GE Company Baker Hughes (BHGE), then sold to General Electric in 2019 to become Baker Hughes Company. As of December 2020, GE will no longer be the majority owner of Baker Hughes, owning 30% of the shares and planning to  divest its entire stake over the next few years.

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Baker Hughes operates in more than 120 countries around the world. Its headquarters are divided between Texas, the United States, and the United Kingdom, with research and production facilities in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Germany, Norway, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Missouri. In March 2022, the company left the Russian market due to international sanctions imposed during the war between Russia and Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of products and services covering all aspects of oil and gas exploration and production.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an alliance of many companies that have developed and deployed technology to serve the oilfield service industry. Their shared history goes back to the beginning of the 20th century. Throughout its history, Baker Hughes has acquired and acquired many oilfield pioneers, including: Brown Oil Tools, CTC, EDECO and Elder Oil Tools (add-ons); Milchem ​​(drilling fluids); EXLOG (mud logging); Eastman Christensen and Drilex (directional drilling and diamond drills); Teleco (measurement during drilling); Tri-State and Wilson (fishing equipment and services); Aquaness, Chemlink and Petrolite (specialty chemicals), Western Atlas (seismic survey, well logging), BJ Services (pressure pump).

Hughes Tool Company be established in 1908 by business partners Walter Benona Sharp and Howard R. Hughes, Sr., Howard Hughes Jr and Sharp developed the first double taper drill  designed to allow rotary drilling in harder and deeper shapes than  earlier herringbone bits. They conducted two secret tests on a drilling rig in Goose Creek, Texas. Each time, Hughes asked the drill crew to leave the rig floor, pulled the piece out of a locked wooden box, and then his co-workers lowered the drill into the hole. The drill pipe got twisted  on the first try, but the second was very successful. In 1909, the Sharp and Hughes blade received a US patent.


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In 2001, the company launched the Gulf of Mexico’s largest hydraulic breaker for deepwater operations. It was named after the founder, Howard R. Hughes Sr. The company’s flagship product was the AutoTrak rotary guide drilling system, an innovative unidirectional drill. Launched in 1997 with Agip S.p.A., the tool is fundamentally different from modern competitors such as  PowerDrive and GeoPilot, which use a hybrid technique of “push and point (vector) bits” instead of simply “pointing” or “pushing”.

In November 2014, the company entered into negotiations with Halliburton for a merger agreement valued at $34.6 billion. If it were to happen, it would be the largest merger in the history of the oil industry. The merger be approved by the shareholders of both companies and was awaiting approval in several jurisdictions; But , on April 6, 2016, the US division of Justice sued to block the deal. There were fears that the merger would affect competition and prices in the oilfield service sector. Officials believed that an asset sale would not help the combined company remain competitive because the smaller buyers would not effectively use the assets of their larger rivals. The companies terminated the merger agreement on May 1, 2016.

Company is rated 4.1/5 based on 327 reviews by AmbitionBox staff. Baker Hughes is known for its corporate culture, rated 4.0. Average salary at  Baker Hughes  ranges from around ₹ 1.9 lakh per annum for an HR Assistant to ₹ 56.3 lakh per annum for a CFO. Salary estimates are based on 2,7000 Baker Hughes salaries of various  Baker Hughes employees.

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