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Dicetek LLC

About the job
We are looking for a passionate AI Engineer with expertise in Python, machine learning, NLP, and backend development. The ideal candidate will be adept at web development .Familiarity with cutting-edge LLM frameworks such as llama index ,langchain is vital, and experience with version control tools is essential.

Key Responsibilities
Design, develop, and deploy AI-driven applications using Python, NLP, and machine learning algorithms/Deep Learning Algorithms.
Engage in backend development and integrate AI models with web-based platforms.
Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand the requirements and design AI solutions that cater to real-world problems.
Utilize frameworks such as llama index and langchain to improve and optimize the AI processes.
Conduct research to identify new techniques and methodologies in AI, NLP, and machine learning to keep the products and services at the cutting edge.
Integrate computer vision solutions where needed.
Ensure the robustness, scalability, and efficiency of the AI solutions.
Collaborate with other engineers and teams to review code, provide feedback, and ensure quality.
Use version control tools like GIT/Bitbucket for efficient and collaborative development.
Maintain documentation for AI models, algorithms, and deployed applications.
Basic Qualifications
BS/MS in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical field.
Proficiency in Python and strong experience in machine learning and NLP(5+ Years).
Experience with Deep Learning Frameworks such as pytorch,Tensorflow etc.
Experience in working with Cloud Based Platforms like Azure,Aws etc
Strong knowledge in Python.
Familiarity with web development frameworks and languages such as Flask, Django.
Experience working with Large Language model frameworks, such llama index ,langchain etc
Familiarity with version control tools such as GIT/Bitbucket.
Preferred Qualifications
Experience in computer vision is a plus.
Previous work experience or projects demonstrating the application of AI in solving real-world problems.
Strong problem-solving skills and analytical thinking.
Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and communicate effectively.

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