Chief Executive Officer

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About the job
Our client, an elite luxury car showroom located in the heart of Doha, Qatar, is a symbol of automotive opulence and prestige. Representing some of the world’s most esteemed automobile brands, they are on the lookout for a visionary Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who not only shares a profound passion for luxury automobiles but also possesses the strategic acumen to elevate the showroom’s stature and success in the region.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Craft and execute strategic plans aimed at achieving sales targets and broadening the showroom’s esteemed clientele.
Supervise the showroom’s daily operations, ensuring every visitor is treated to an unparalleled luxury experience.
Forge strong ties with global luxury automobile producers, procuring exclusive deals and premieres for the showroom.
Lead and inspire a top-tier management team, establishing comprehensive objectives for performance and growth.
Analyze intricate sales and financial metrics, extracting insights to propel profitability.
Ensure the showroom’s ambiance and service epitomize the zenith of luxury and exclusivity.
Engage in high-stakes negotiations, collaborations, and networking endeavors within the luxury automobile sphere.
Remain abreast of international automobile trends, guaranteeing the showroom’s collection is consistently avant-garde.
Champion and magnify the showroom’s esteemed reputation, constantly seeking avenues to augment its value and prominence in the luxury market.


Master’s degree in Business Administration or a related elite discipline.
A minimum of 10 years in a leadership capacity within the luxury automobile domain or analogous luxury sectors.
Demonstrable history of stewarding luxury marques and amplifying sales trajectories.
Exceptional negotiation prowess, adept at orchestrating high-caliber deals.
Profound comprehension of luxury market dynamics, especially within the Middle Eastern context.
Stellar interpersonal and leadership faculties, capable of motivating and guiding a formidable team.
A fervent aficionado of luxury automobiles, always in sync with industry innovations and shifts.

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