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The position will be responsible for leading over 3,500 O&T staff across 29 countries in the Middle East and Africa Cluster, and across all respective legal entities.

The holder of this job will be a member of the EMEA O&T Senior Leadership team, and the Middle East and Africa Cluster management team and will interact with CCOs of the Cluster countries.

The position will include oversight of all of Citi’s O&T operations in the Cluster (including Enterprise, ICG, Wealth Management).

Leadership and Management of all Operations and Technology functions in the cluster.
Responsible for performance and development of Cluster, Sub-Cluster and O&T Country Heads within the cluster, including focus on resource and people development to build successful pipelines for key O&T roles.
Accountable for working with O&T Cluster and Country Heads to ensure successful Regulatory and Audit reviews in the markets within the cluster, ensuring full O&T Compliance with local policies and regulations.
Ensuring that the O&T Cluster and Country Heads maintain close and successful interaction with local Regulators, Central Banks, Governments and Auditors.
Develop and manage overall Operations and Technology in the Cluster in line with business objectives and strategies. Partner with senior business leaders and CCOs to deliver against key objectives and business strategies.
Ensure that the O&T Cluster and Country Heads maintain robust and complete oversight and ongoing monitoring of all core processes that are outsourced or offshored and actively partner with the relevant CSCs.
Responsible for resolving escalations from O&T Country Heads and Markets in the cluster to ensure resources are maximized to deliver a high-quality service

Job Background/Context:

EMEA Middle East and Africa Cluster was created in September 2019 to provide enhanced focus on the growth potential of the markets in the associated sub-clusters and countries.

Middle East and Africa Cluster Operations & Technology is a combined function incorporating all the Operations & Technology support areas across the Middle East and Africa Cluster. The population of the associated O&T organisation is just over 3500+ people.

The function provides the leadership to ensure that –

The business cluster and its leadership receive the O&T support that it requires to deliver its goals and strategies.
Citi’s O&T organisation in the Cluster delivers effective service at a competitive cost and in a manner that is consistent with supervisory requirements and Citi’s policies.
O&T’s global and regional strategies are executed in the cluster countries.

The Middle East and Africa cluster is made up of the following countries:

Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Cameroon, Senegal, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa.

Key Responsibilities:

Act as the face of O&T in this cluster, and as the escalation contact for Middle East and Africa regulators on all O&T related matters. Manage oversight of ongoing requirements in terms of questionnaires, inquiries, regulatory reporting, consultation on new regulatory papers, inspections etc.
Ensure the O&T Cluster Country Heads in the cluster are effectively leading and managing all O&T functions/in-country coordination of Operations, Technology and Shared Services.
Manage close working relationships with all cluster and cluster business and product partners to provide direction from O&T perspective, to ensure adequate operational support across the franchise, in line with business strategy & objectives and with EMEA O&T goals.
Responsible for ensuring the Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads manage effective relationships with local market partners / institutions (e.g., Regulators, Governments, Cash Clearing house, Central Bank, Securities Clearing and settlement etc.) and that they participate in professional forums (local Banks Associations), in O&T related strategic discussions and program /project implementations locally.
Accountable for Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads delivering local Regulatory reporting and the Regulatory control matrix (RCM) including.
identifying and implementing all changes to laws/new regulatory requirements related to each business area and that the branches are run within legal and regulatory guidelines, including internal policies and procedures.
Support the Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads in the delivery of high-quality customer service through O&T processes and platforms that are reflected in high customer satisfaction.
Accountable for the O&T Cluster and Country Heads’ delivery of O&T initiatives /projects and active contribution to business-driven projects.
Manage and oversee Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads in ensuring that both local and outsourced processes are well controlled, ensuring safety and soundness of the country operations in partnership with regional teams, EMEA CSCs and service providers. Ensure Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads coordinate outsourced / offshored services from a control, quality and cost perspective in line with Outsourcing Governance Policy.
Responsible for ensuring that Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads maintain a strong control and compliance environment, focus to reduce operational risk; manage the O&T MCA; deliver satisfactory audit ratings and contribute to successful audits for franchise and partner businesses; identify and address O&T issues timely and completely through CAPs.
Provide support to Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads to ensure active participation in Country governance committees such as (but not limited to) BRCC, ExCo, CCC and proactively escalate any potential franchise issues.
Ensure Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads are managing Production Support and Infrastructure Support oversight to a high standard.
Train and develop the Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads to build a highly engaged team, a culture of ethics and ethical conduct; focus on talent development and retention, engagement, diversity, capacity planning in line with business needs; create a working environment of meritocracy and team spirit that can be measured through VOE results. Ensure effective management and coordinate O&T to meet business needs and capacity requirements.
Lead and guide the efforts of Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads in exploring and developing key best practice themes within O&T such as simplification, straight-through-processing, outsourcing, leveraging organizational resources within and outside O&T to drive and implement those themes.
Accountable for ensuring the Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads minimise operating losses through proactive issue identification and mitigation.
Ensure the Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads actively review financials and support country financial and resource goals to deliver on O&T expenses and FTE within budget.
Responsible for the Operational Resilience strategy in the cluster. In coordination with the Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads, define an effective Crisis Management strategy and ensure that the COB plan is maintained and tested on a timely basis.
Accountable for addressing and resolving escalations from markets in the cluster.
Responsible for talent and succession planning for their one and their two down direct reports.
Responsible for cascading of communications from regional and cluster heads to Middle East and Africa O&T Cluster and Country Heads, making sure there is awareness and countries are well informed. Supports escalating needs of the countries to regional partners

Development Value:

With primary responsibility for oversight the Cluster countries. Operations & Technology fields and other support services, the job provides a significant potential to gain & improve people management, team building, strategic thinking, problem solving skills as well as in-depth knowledge of products/processes, technology, support services, widen managerial breadth and interface with the senior management on Cluster Countries, Middle East and Africa Cluster and EMEA O&T regional level. It will also give an opportunity to closely interact with senior management in a challenging environment as well as develop interpersonal and managerial skills in a culturally diverse environment. Travel will be required.


In-depth knowledge of operations and technology policies and procedures
Experience in Cluster O&T Head roles or in a similar scale role.
Superior skills to continually measure, enhance and optimize operations related functions
Ability to fully comprehend and impact the ‘full picture’ along with other key players in other functional areas and clusters
Very good knowledge core Citi Systems
Excellent knowledge of internal Compliance requirements and MCA process
Experience in Financial management
Knowledge of Continuity of Business process
Experience with Regulatory Engagement and interfacing with the Board
Experience in financial planning processes, including budgeting and forecasting


BS/BA degree or equivalent preferred
15+ years of experience in a Tier 1 financial institution

Competencies / Skills:

Excellent people management and leadership skills to manage diverse and remote teams
Strong negotiation, influencing and stakeholder management skills
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Analytical thinking and problem solving
Coaching and mentoring
Strong Risk and Control awareness and knowledge of control practices
Innovation and transformation mind-set
Strong understanding of EMEA/ Middle East and Africa business and products a plus.
Fluency in English

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