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Paradox Institute

ou dream of a new adventure? You have international ambition? You love scaling companies, finding new revenue streams and you desire to put that thrive of excellence at the service of selling meaningful products that really change lives.

You are inspired by building a massive EdTech company that will empower millions of people.

You are a more than driven Chief Revenue Officer (CRO):
Someone who leads and aligns all revenue departments (marketing, sales, partnerships, customer success), and find new opportunities for massive growth
A strong leader who can attract and inspire great talents
Analytical mind & data driven
Really strong in terms of influence and strategy

Then, you have found the next adventure that will fulfill you.


We are convinced that people don’t want a job anymore!

They are thirsty for a project with meaning, either through entrepreneurship, or intrapreneurship

But…making it happen is quite hard without finding what truly inspires you and acquiring the Power Skills (soft skills in less boring) you need to get there: productivity, leadership, public speaking, coaching, stress management…

This is why we craft trainings & educational content to provide a set of tools and strategies centered around Power Skills, self-growth and performance.

We deliver through apps, e-learning platforms, events and a strong social media presence.

??Paradox has one goal: to empower people and organizations live their true ambition

The challenge is that some people experience learning as boring, too hard, or on the contrary: for losers.

Yeah, we all experienced that boring teacher ?? or stumble on this video with unsubstantiated/crazy theories

It needs to change!!

So we travel the world with learning designers, and researchers and surround ourselves with top entrepreneurs (Richard Branson, Marc Simoncini, Fred Mazzella), top athletes (Mike Horn, Frank Leboeuf), artists (Gad Elmaleh, Barry Osborne)… to reverse engineer their strategies.

??Our ambition is to make our trainings and coachings as attractive as watching Netflix and to make success the only option for our clients (whatever success means for them).

So far, this approach has paid off and has enabled us to exceed 2 million followers on social networks, and to organize online events and training courses attended by thousands of people.

But we wanted more, so we set 3 goals:
Helping 100 000 people achieve 1 dream and stick their pictures on a wall we call the 100 000 dreams wall
Have Will Smith and Richard Branson in our next documentary.
Reinvent Education & Create a badass platform to develop yourself by leveraging cutting-edge technology like AI, captivating storytelling & science

And that’s where you come in.


Your mission is to create a revenue generating machine and take us from €10M to €50M revenue ??in 3 years

While aligning all revenue-related departments and improving pace of execution.

And defining the strategy for the international expansion and penetrate the english-speaking market.

Your direct reports will be :
Head of conversion
Head of brand and acquisition
head of sales
Head of partnership
And possibly head of Customer Success

?? YOUR 7 MISSIONS (where you’ll get measured)
Strategy: Create and implement the revenue (marketing & sales) strategy
Explore new business models, pricing strategies and potential partnerships
Lead market research, competitive analysis, and extract opportunities
Observe the full revenue cycle of the company and develop strategies to maximize future revenue
Develop and execute a go-to-market strategy that ensures the company exceeds its revenue and profitability goals
Implement revenue forecasting
Lead and align revenue and product department together: Manage the sales, marketing and customer success teams to drive business growth and improve customer experience
Identify and resolve areas of improvement across the marketing, sales, customer success, partnership departments
Ensure performance, speed of execution, accountability and alignment of the company’s revenue-generating departments by developing appropriate metrics
Collaborate with the finance, product management, and marketing teams on messaging, pricing strategies, and business models
Partner with the product teams to define offers that scale
Monitor the revenue pipeline and establish analytics to measure and forecast demand and market conditions
Monitor the performance of our strategies and processes across the revenue cycle
Use data to make informed decisions and define strategic processes.
Solve any data inaccuracies, and setup business intelligence
Create predictable and scalable revenue machine (reate lead generation, conversion, sales retention systems)
Equip the teams with all resources, tools, technology and infrastructure needed
Integrate the revenue technology stack including marketing automation, CRM, digital channels, business intelligence, and customer data platform
Implement predictable, repeatable and scalable sales and marketing processes and playbooks
Sales – Support and manage the Head of Sales, so that the sales department meets and exceeds targets.
Ensure that sales teams understand the value propositions
Fill management gaps by building and training individuals and teams in sales and by mentoring our Head of Sales
Work on a better identification of profitable targets and qualification of leads
Improve the whole sales funnel: sales script, post-calls sequences, improve show-up rate
Challenge and improve the commission plan
Marketing: build a growth machine & brand & use data to quickly identify areas of opportunity to increase revenue generation
Use data to identify key market segments and an ideal buyer persona that can generate the most revenue.
Analyze customer needs and improve market positioning, build irresistible offers and pricing strategies
Ensure that campaigns are focused on the proper channels, customers, and using the most impactful messaging.
Build a content production machine in order to produce timely, authoritative, highly-credible content to drive brand affinity, engagement & conversion
Make sure to generate a MASS of qualified leads at a reduced cost (through SEO, SEA…)

We believe World-class sales and marketing hiring is the single most important driver of sales success.
Recruitment: build a performance-based culture by attracting, hiring, and retaining top sales and marketing talents
Build a recruiting agency within Paradox and source talents in your own network
Be proactive to create a machine to attract talents
Engineer the “Sales Hiring Formula”:Uncover the characteristics of successful sales and marketers for our product portfolio


Must have :
At least 3+ years in a similar role (Head of Sales, VP Sales, CMO, Chief Sales Officer, Head of Marketing, Head of Growth, COO) in a fast-paced digital environment with a proven track-record of growing revenue through new-product development, marketing, sales, branding, and partnerships
Leadership: excellent communication skills – easily move others to action – passionate about building teams
Strategy not just tactics – 10 000 feet vision & 1mm obsession: Ability to craft and execute a business strategy effectively – you are able to think of bold moves that go beyond following the trendy tactics
Data-obsessed & strong analytical mind: you challenge your assumptions, are able to quickly identify and formulate problems, and support your analysis with data
Love influence and how to frame things in a way that make people be inspired to do things
Obsessed with fast execution
Impact Driven & Passion for the Paradox mission – you love EdTech, you want to sell meaningful products that really change lives

Other Key Points :
Cool under pressure
Drive & Problem Solver : you’re ambitious, you work hard because you love it, you own things and get them done.
Growth over Ego : you are eager to learn, and receive hard feedbacks to grow. You let others speak and seek to understand their viewpoints. You are comfortable in conflict: at ease with defending your case with facts, until we find what’s right for the vision of the company (Jeff Bezoz calls that “Disagree & Commit”).
Tech and product savviness
Growth and digital marketing have no secrets for you


French: Native

English: Fluent English, you can hold a conversation on specific details with English-speaking colleagues.

Our chosen language for written communication is English.

Currently, 10% of the team is English-speaking, a % which will continue to grow.

Our marketing stack: Active Campaign, Hubspot
Tracking / reporting tools (e.g: GA, Google Search Console, GTM, Power BI, Hotjar etc.)
Webflow, Make, Hubspot, SEMrush, and outbound tools
Solid experience in SEO & SEA

We are inspired by a culture of performance and ambition. We have a very startup-oriented culture where everything is fast-paced and there is a lot of change. You won’t always be told what to do or how to do it
We tell each other things, even if they are uncomfortable. We value growth over ego. At Paradox, expressing disagreement to a manager and knowing how to debate is valued! We encourage critical and strategic thinking.

If all this makes sense with you, then we’ll love working with you (and you with us, you’ll be pampered!)

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