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Staffingly, Inc

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Please send an email to with the subject “Application” and your resume in order to receive the steps to continue the process. Thank you.


We are looking for dedicated individuals to join our team as Data Entry Clerks in a remote, entry-level position. If you have a keen eye for detail and are ready to embark on a career in data management, this opportunity is for you. Join us in contributing to our dynamic and collaborative work environment where your skills will make a meaningful impact.


Accurately enter data from various sources into our database systems.
Perform quality checks to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
Update and maintain records, ensuring they are up to date.
Organize and categorize data for easy retrieval and analysis.
Collaborate with team members to troubleshoot and resolve data-related issues.
Manage and prioritize your workload to meet deadlines effectively.
Ensure compliance with data security and privacy policies.
Maintain a high level of confidentiality when handling sensitive information.
Provide support in creating reports and data visualizations.
Contribute to process improvement by identifying opportunities for efficiency.
Conduct regular data audits to identify and rectify errors.
Assist in data cleanup and deduplication efforts.
Stay up-to-date with data entry best practices and industry trends.
Participate in training and development programs to enhance your skills.
Foster a positive and productive work environment through effective communication and teamwork.


High school diploma or equivalent.
Strong attention to detail and accuracy.
Excellent typing skills with a focus on speed and precision.
Basic computer proficiency, including familiarity with data entry software and Microsoft Office Suite.
Ability to work independently and in a team.
Strong organizational and time management skills.
Good communication skills, both written and verbal.
Adherence to confidentiality and data security protocols.
Willingness to learn and adapt to new processes and technologies.


Competitive entry-level salary.
Flexible remote work options.
Opportunities for skill development and career advancement.
Supportive and collaborative team culture.
Comprehensive training programs.
Access to cutting-edge data management tools and software.
Health, dental, and vision insurance options.
Retirement savings plans.
Paid time off and holidays.
Employee recognition and reward programs.

Join our team and be part of a forward-thinking organization that values your contributions and provides opportunities for growth and development. If you are passionate about data accuracy and enjoy working in a remote and collaborative environment, apply today to start your rewarding career as a Data Entry Clerk with us.

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