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We are looking for a Sales Manager with excellent communication and leadership abilities to lead sales team members, develop sales programs, and set and meet the KPIs.


Hire new sales officers for the sales team and train all sales team members.
Create KPIs for monitoring the performance of sales team members.
Collaborate with the marketing department and upper management to ensure consistency in the delivery of sales pitches to clients.
Attain growth and hit sales KPIs for the company every month.
Develop and promote powerful and seminal relations with customers by partnering with them by understanding their wants and needs.
Produce and execute strategic business plans that imbue the companys client base and ascertain its strong presence.
Identify emerging markets as well as shifts in the market while being fully up to date on emerging products and the status of competitors.
Present reports on sales, expenses, and revenue including forecasts to management.
Accept feedback from clients and attempt to improve sales performance and procedures from that.
Compose and manage budgets for sales officers in regards to travel and other presentation-related costs to clients.
Assist sales employees in generating leads and closing new agreements on the ground.
Create and implement new sales initiatives, methods, and programs in order to increase revenue.


Bachelors Degree in any field
7+ years of sales experience
2+ tears of a leadership role in sales
Background in developing sales pitches and processes from beginning to end
Willing to travel and attend seminars
Strong communication and presentation skills
Good ability to train people

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