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Duncan & Ross Consulting

About the job

Meeting with clients and design teams to determine mechanical applications and requirements.
Conducting research to inform the design and engineering methods required for the mechanical systems.
Planning and executing mechanical designs using CAD, CAM, and 3D CAD programs.
Performing computer simulations and experiments to virtually test and refine the designs.
Overseeing the development and manufacturing of physical prototypes for testing.
Documenting the design process, iterations, and test analytics.
Managing project timelines, resources, and budgets.
Liaising with clients, designers, engineers, and manufacturers to ensure coherence.
Preparing technical reports, design specifications documents, and operational manuals.
Design experience in HVAC, Fire Fighting and plumbing for high rise building project
Design consultancy experience is a must


Minimum 10 years of experience Mechanical Design within GCC Design Consulting firm
Lay out, Design and Calculate of ductworks systems such as supply, return, exhaust, and fresh air ventilation.
Lay out, Design and Calculate of Chilled Water Pipings systems.
Application and selection of various types of HVAC equipment including Air Handling Units, Fresh Air handling Units, Fan Coil Units And Exhaust fans.

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