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Jobs at UAE Airports

UAE Airport Careers

At present there is a huge career opportunities at the various airports of United Arab Emirates. Like the very land, the airports are also well regarded for its aesthetics and facilities. These high maintained airports are calling for candidates with supreme career profiles, to make sure they meet the company goals.

There are 22 airports in UAE, these airports employ thousands of people in various positions, including customer service, security, maintenance, baggage handling, and more. Youthlik has listed down all the latest UAE Airport Careers vacancies here.

To apply, choose a career of your choice and qualifications from the below table. To proceed, click on the respective job title to get directed to company’s career website. Here you can receive complete details on job description, job requirements, conditions and benefits.

It is important to note that most jobs at airports require a certain level of education and experience, and some may require specific certifications or licenses. Additionally, many jobs require you to work irregular hours, including weekends and holidays.

UAE Airport Careers Recruitment 2023

It is important to note that each employer may have its own specific requirements for their job openings, so it’s important to carefully read the job description and application instructions before applying. Firstly, the applicants has to choose a job from the below airport careers, as it is important to research the specific requirements for the position and to tailor your application accordingly.

In general, most airport careers require a minimum of high school diploma or equivalent. Some positions, particularly in management or specialized fields may require a college degree. Similarly, many airport careers require a previous experience in similar role, particularly for managerial or technical positions.

Most airport careers in the UAE require fluency in English, and knowledge of Arabic or other languages can be a plus. Also, some jobs have age requirements, particularly those that involve working with heavy machinery or in security roles.

Certain airport careers may require a certain level of physical fitness, particularly those that involve manual labor. And some airport careers may require specific certifications or licences, such as security clearance, a driving license, or a certification for operating specific machinery.

UAE Airport Careers Hiring 2023

The hiring procedure for airport careers in the UAE varies depending on the employer and the position. However, some general steps involve applying online through job portals, through airport or airlines website.

Once application is submitted, the employer will screen your application and resume. If selected, you will be invited for an interview. The interview process may involve multiple rounds, and can include phone or video interviews as well as n person interviews.

Some airports require  medical check-up and background checks. The background checks may include criminal history, and employment verification. If succeeded, the employer will make a job offer. This includes details such as salary, benefits, and start date. Once you accept the job offer you will go through an on boarding process.

UAE Airports Careers Vacancy List

Jobs at Abu Dhabi International Airport

Officer-Operations PlanningUAE
 Senior Officer-Operations PlanningUAE
Officer-Operations Data & AnalyticsUAE
Senior Officer-Operations Data& AnalyticsUAE
Senior Manager-Operations PlanningUAE
Manager – Operations Data & AnalyticsUAE
Managed Aircraft CoordinatorUAE
Manager MarketingUAE

Jobs at Dubai International Airport

Senior Engineer – Fire Safety   Dubai
Senior Analyst – Business InformationDubai
 Fire Service ProgramDubai
Human Resource DevelopmentDubai

Jobs at dnata

Operational Quality Assurance AuditorDubai
Customer Service RolesDubai
Principal Data EngineerDubai
Junior Data AnalystDubai
Principal Performance EngineerDubai
Lead Data AnalystDubai
Principal Data EngineerDubai
Lead DevOps Data EngineerDubai
Senior Data EngineerDubai
Senior Data AnalystDubai
Change and Capability Development SpecialistDubai
Business Finance ManagerDubai
Finance OfficerDubai
Senior HR Business PartnerDubai
Technical ManagerDubai
Agile Delivery ManagerDubai
Solutions ArchitectDubai
Technical ManagerDubai

Jobs at Ras al Khaimah

Business Development OfficerRAK
Airport Duty OfficerRAK
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