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Dubai Mall Job Vacancies 2023

Have you ever heard about Dubai Mall? Have you ever dreamt of being there? Here is a golden opportunity for you to work in Dubai mall. Youthlik is here there for you to get a job in Dubai Mall.

We bring you all the information about all the job vacancies available in Dubai Mall and update you with all the information on the Dubai Mall job vacancies. Dubai is a dream city among all people in the world.


 It is important to know more about where we are going to work. So let’s have a look at the attributes of Dubai which is one of the world’s most populous cities in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai. Dubai city is the capital of the Emirate Of Dubai. This is one of the world’s best and most visited tourist destinations. The world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa is situated in Dubai city near the Dubai Mall. The second most luxury hotels, like five-star hotels, large, restaurants, cafes all are situated in Dubai.


Dubai Mall is the second-largest shopping mall in the world. It is one of the most visited shopping malls and leisure destinations. It is the 26th largest mall in the world. About 1200 retail outlets are present. The owner of the Dubai mall is Emaar properties. The Emaar group of companies tied up with Western Edmond Mall. Dubai mall is known as the haul of the Dubai Shopping Festival. The Dubai aquarium is an underwater zoo that attracted millions of tourists all over the world. There are a lot of cafes, shops, restaurants, kids playing areas, 22 screen cinemas, rainforest café, hysteria ( a haunted house built of fog, smoke, ghost effects, sound systems, kids edutainment parks. Several brands like Fashion Avenue, Valentine, Moynat, Alai, Merchant of Venice, La Perla, and so on.


You will get certain job vacancies based on the qualifications you have. If you have experience in the customer service post if you have a warm, pleasant, comfortable personality, and a good attitude it will be beneficial to work on certain posts like sales associate, junior sales associate posts. There are many vacancies in the post of warehouse clerk, store keeperstorekeeper, reviewing assistant, housekeeping crew, barista, assistant manager, housekeeping tailor, front office receptionist, waiters, sales, hostess, project cleaning in-charge, brand promoter, front desk receptionist, restaurant manager, manicurist, pedicurist, property consultant and so on.

A job at Mall of Dubai can be listed as the dream job in everyone’s life, so to get a job at Mall of Dubai cannot be considered as a piece of tackle. Education is a significant factor which attributes.  Some skills may contribute to getting you to easily enter into the job at the Dubai Mall.  Getting a job at the Mall of Dubai is not an icebreaking task. Your personality, good communication skills matters a lot to the job.         

SOME TIPS TO CRACK THE INTERVIEWS:                                                 

  •            Be confident:

Confidence is the most critical factor that you should gain yourself before anything whether it be an interview or any life situation. You should know the fact that no one is there to help you out in many situations unless you are the only one to know the situation. It is a very important factor that is most analyzed by the interviewers. It is one’s confidence to build up a better world.

  •          Communication skills:

Good communication skills are essential. You must have good language skills to communicate things and thoughts most efficiently. So it’s important to talk in good language better and convey your ideas most adequately.

  •          Positive Thinking:

Being a positive thinker an optimist is a far-reaching quality of a person. This is one of the best qualities an individual should have. If you want to succeed in your life this is an essential quality. As an optimistic person, you can hold out any hardships in your life.

  •          Dress sensibly:

Dressing according to a situation whether it be an interview or any program what we wear is very important. You should wear any professional business attire, suits or any dresses which can be worn in an office. Note that you should wear a light-colored dress.

The above factors are important in each and every interview not only on the post of the sales executive and also some points are important on your daily life also.


  •          First of all, a CV is the front page of an interview, that is, it is most important to have an acceptable CV. You should always prepare a good Curriculum Vitae CV for your job. Your CV should be always written uniquely. As many of them in their CV, they just write their personal details. But you should add upon the objective, summary, your skills, your strength, your extracurricular activity skills, your achievements, your academic intelligence, and then your personal details as your resume. You should always be reliable in the details you give in your CV. Do not add any false information to your CV.
  •          Most of us have attended an interview, if not you have at least heard or seen videos of some mock interviews. The first question in most of the interviews is to introduce yourself. You should always study and keep a most appealing self-introduction.
  •          In the former point I told you to study an impressive self-introduction but just studying is not enough its presentation is the most significant. You should be confident in what you speak. Your confidence should be projected in your voice.
  •           Review the questions which you think the interview board has a chance for asking.
  •          Respectful behavior towards the interviewers is important.
  •          Be patient listener, hear the questions of the interview board clearly and patiently and answer each question after hearing the questions completely.

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