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How To Get Jobs in Qatar

Qatar is considered to be one of the richest countries in the Middle East. After oil and gas resources were discovered, the country witnessed tremendous growth and development. The country implements well-planned economic strategies and lays special emphasis on the infrastructure. The Qatari government has been driving various initiatives to improve the overall economic development of the country which in turn is resulting in improved career prospects for professionals.

Here are the top 7 quick ways to get work in Qatar.

  • Speak with Qatari employment agencies

In Qatar, there are several employment agencies. Once you’ve registered with this, they assist you in finding employment. The majority of them don’t charge users; registration and new job notifications are both free. Once you land the job, they charge the employer.

It is simple to sign up with them. You can register with them in person or online by submitting your resume and personal information.

  • Use employment websites to apply for jobs

You may explore and apply for thousands of jobs online through a number of reputable job search websites. You may use these websites for free. You only need to create an account, submit your resume, and input your education and work history to begin looking for and applying for jobs.

There are a tonne of jobs listed on these websites, and you can apply for one with only a few clicks. You may designate your CV as “Public” or “Searchable” on some of these platforms, which enables recruiters to look through job seekers’ CVs and get in touch with them if they want to offer them a position.

Take heed! Outside those, there are a lot more websites, many of which are bogus. These could appear legitimate, but they need a little fee before you can register and use the website. Use just these reputable job search websites and stay away from all other similar websites.

  • Read the news Paper

Read English-language newspapers including Gulf Times, The Penisula, Qatar Corniche, and Tribune in Qatar as well as Arabic publications like Al Arab, Al Raya, Al Sharq, Al Watan, and Lusail.

If not, you can obtain these newspapers online from their websites. You might be able to find these in your neighbourhood newspaper shop.

  • Send CV directly to Companies

Also, this seems to be efficient. Do a Google search for “companies in Qatar” or something more specific like “construction companies in Qatar”. Get the company’s email address after finding their website, and then send them your resume and cover letter while noting the position you are looking for.

  • Use LinkedIn.

With Linkedin, you may do a search for Qatari businesses. Send them your Resume using the Linkedin website after entering search terms like “Qatar Businesses” in the search box.

On Linkedin as well, many businesses post job listings. On the website, you may browse and apply for these positions.

  • Come to Qatar and Search

While pricey and dangerous, this choice can help you get employment. It could be possible to get work while travelling to Qatar for 2-3 weeks and residing there. You might try walk-in interviews, which are conducted by many businesses. Also, looking for work and submitting applications while you are in Qatar may be more successful because the employer will be aware of your location and may contact you for an interview at any time.

  • Interact with others

Finding a job in Qatar could be made easier by speaking with friends or anybody else who is presently residing in Qatar. Individuals frequently are aware of open positions inside their company, and occasionally they are also recruiting for their own department. There are several methods to communicate with others.

You may join Facebook groups for Middle East or Qatar job searches or try the Qatar website www.qatarliving.com. Also, you may use the Linkedin website to make connections with people who work in Qatar and then give them your CV.

How to find a job in Qatar is as follows. I hope this advice was useful. It is a fantastic place to live and work in Qatar. On this website, you may learn more about Qatar.

Although there may be alternative options, such as paying a local recruiting agency, keep in mind that fraud is a typical occurrence and they may take your money without doing anything.

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