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Latest Job Vacancies at Meta

One of the key advantages of Meta’s technology is its ability to provide a natural and intuitive interface for interacting with virtual environments. Unlike traditional virtual reality devices, which require the use of a controller or other input device, Meta’s devices allow users to interact with virtual objects using their own hands and fingers. This makes it possible to perform tasks such as manipulating virtual objects, drawing, and typing in a way that feels more like interacting with the physical world.

Another advantage of Meta’s technology is its ability to provide a sense of presence, or the feeling of being fully immersed in a virtual environment. The high resolution and wide field of view of the Meta 2, combined with its ability to track hand movements and create realistic hand shadows, helps to create a sense of realism and immersion that is not possible with other virtual reality devices.

Strategic Partner Manager, Games Partnership (Korea)
Research Scientist Intern, Advanced Displays (PhD)
Research Scientist Intern, Through-Body Acoustics (PhD)
Research Scientist Intern, Optoelectronics & Materials Science (PhD)
Characterization System Engineer, Camera & Depth
Strategic Partner Manager, Business Messaging
Head of Studio Operations, Supernatural
Signal Integrity Power Integrity Engineer
Manager, Eye Tracking Prototype Lead, Reality Labs
Eye Tracking Hardware System Architecture Manager
Data Engineer
Health Tech Payer Program Lead
Manager, Software Engineering – Smart Glasses
Manager, Production Engineering
Product Manager, AI Fabrics
AI Research Scientist – Reinforcement Learning (Paris)
Account Manager, Mid-Market CEE (Central, Eastern Europe)
Software Engineer – Graphics
Employment Law & Investigations Analyst
Software Engineer – AR, VR, MR (Leadership)
Research Scientist Intern, AI Core Machine Learning (PhD)
Research Scientist Intern, Polymer Scientist (PhD)
Research Scientist Intern, Optoelectronic Material Device Characterization (PhD)
Research Scientist Intern, Optical Design (PhD)
Research Scientist Manager, Generative AI
Production Engineer
Research Scientist Intern, Language & Multimodal Foundations (PhD)
Integrity Solutions Engineer
UI/UX Designer – Beat Games
Creative Strategist Gaming App Specialist

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