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Mashreq bank

Mashreq Jobs and Careers

As the first bank to operate in the UAE, Mashreq is one of the country’s pioneering financial institutions and a true leader in the industry. Although the UAE is their home, their growing network spans  North America, Europe, Asia and Africa, with a presence in all major financial centres around the world. They are extremely proud of their history and heritage and promise to always be there for their customers and communities to meet their needs wherever they are.

Their success is based on the strength of their relationships. They strive to maintain an open and constructive dialogue with all their stakeholders, which is  possible thanks to the superior sector-specific experience and expertise of the employees. Across all branches of the bank – from retail and corporate banking to wealth management and international financial institution banking – employees want to transform the customer experience and consistently deliver  best-in-class service.

This customer experience can be characterized by two qualities: the ability to adapt solutions to customer needs, concerns and challenges, and an unwavering commitment to innovation. Turning ideas into solutions that bring real added value to  customers is in their DNA. Their approach to innovation has made them an industry leader, being the first bank in the UAE to issue credit and debit cards and the first to launch a full digital banking service. they play an important role in people’s daily lives.


Mashreqbank is the oldest privately owned bank in the UAE. It was established in 1967 like the Bank of Oman. Today, Mashreq offers conventional and Islamic personal banking services, including deposits, loans and credit cards; conventional and Islamic investment banking services, including corporate finance and investment advisory for mergers and acquisitions, initial  public offerings and underwriting; traditional and Islamic investment management services including investment management.

 Mashreq Bank PSC provides banking and financial services. It operates in the following segments: Domestic Corporate, Domestic Retail, Financial and Capital Market, International Banking, Islamic Banking and Insurance. The domestic corporate segment offers business and commercial banking clients in the areas of trade financing, contract financing, project financing, investment banking, business consulting and cash management. The domestic retail segment includes Current Accounts, Savings Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Investment Products, Mashreq Millionaire Deposits, Personal Loans, Car Loans, Home Loans, Business Loans and Credit Cards.

 The Treasury and Capital Markets segment consists of the customer flow business and proprietary relationships. The international banking segment includes commercial services, benefits, liabilities, profit financing, export invoice collection and venture capital. The Islamic Banking segment offers products such as Ijara Home Finance, Mudarabah Deposit, Mudarabah Savings Account, Musharaka Finance, Murabaha Commodity Finance, Ijara Equipment Finance, Sukuk Insurance, Musharaka LC, Murabaha LC, TR Murabaha, Kafala, Wakalaba Deposit, Reverse Deposit and Sukuk Advice.


Working at Mashreq

Corporate social responsibility or CSR is a form of corporate self-regulation that is integrated into the business. The purpose of corporate social responsibility is to take responsibility for the activities of the company and encourage a positive impact  on the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other  public sector stakeholders. Since its inception, Mashreq has been actively involved in many activities that give back to the community in which it operates. In all its regional offices in the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait or Egypt, Mashreq is proud to demonstrate socially responsible activities that positively impact the community.

Mashreq’s corporate social responsibility philosophy is to “integrate the environment of  society, community and stakeholders and customers into the company’s business operations”. Although in the phase of developing the structural framework of the sustainable model, the organization has been active in introducing some basic parameters in the market, protecting the environment, developing corporate governance, supporting charity and helping to promote the right to education on all levels. society e.g.

Over the years, the organization has successfully promoted and contributed to  the improvement of many aspects of the community, such as education, sports, art and culture, and humanitarian activities, which have helped the institution to better understand its social and environmental focus. problems . Identifying the right reasons opened up new opportunities for Mashreq to support NGOs in a win-win situation. Mashreq’s CSR program was officially launched on 22 June 2011 and was led by the bank’s CSR and Internal Communications Unit, supported by the Emiratization HR Unit and a member of the UAE National Learning and Development Unit. The bank has been an active member of national annual days such as  International Day of Giving and Service and UAE Humanitarian Day to name a few.

How to apply for jobs

If you’re interested in working at Mashreq then, click on the link given below to look at vacancies which are currently available and the registration procedure done for applying at the company.

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