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Amazon job and careers

Amazon Jobs and Careers in UAE

Amazon is an American multinational technology company focused on e-commerce, cloud computing, online advertising, digital streaming and also artificial intelligence. It has been called “one of the world’s most influential economic and cultural forces” and is one of the world’s most valuable brands.

It is one of the Big Five American IT companies along with Alphabet, Apple, Meta and Microsoft. Jeff bezos is the founder of Amazon and he made billions of networth through amazon.

About Company

Company was founded by Jeff Bezos in his garage in Bellevue, Washington on 1994. Originally an online marketplace for books, it  expanded into several product categories, earning it the name The Everything Store. It also has several subsidiaries, including Amazon Web Services (cloud computing), Zoox (autonomous vehicle), Kuiper Systems (satellite Internet), and Company Lab126 (computer hardware RandD). Its other subsidiaries also include Ring, Twitch, IMDb and the Whole Foods Market. The company’s purchase of Whole Foods in August 2017 for $13.4 billion significantly increased its footprint as a brick-and-mortar retailer.

Company has also earned a reputation for disrupting the established industries through technological innovation and “aggressive” reinvestment of profits into capital expenditures. As of 2022, it is the world’s largest online retailer and marketplace, provider of smart speakers, cloud  service through AWS, streaming service through Twitch, and Internet company  by revenue and market share. In 2021, it surpassed Walmart as the world’s largest retailer outside of China, largely thanks to its paid Amazon Prime subscription plan,  which has more than 200 million subscribers worldwide. It is the second largest private employer in the US.

Amazon also distributes a variety of downloadable and streaming content through its Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Music, Twitch and its Audible units. He publishes books through his publisher Amazon Publishing, films and television content through Amazon Studios, and owns the  film and television studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer as of March 2022. It also makes consumer electronics – notably Kindle e-readers, Echo devices, Fire tablets and Fire TVs.

Company purchased the supermarket chain Whole Foods Market in 2017. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon implemented a $2 hourly wage, changes to overtime compensation, and a policy of unlimited unpaid days off until April 30, 2020. Emergency wage increases ended in June 2020, and holiday pay was paid  in May 2022. Amazon also imposed temporary restrictions on the sale of non-essential items and hired 100,000 additional employees in the United States and Canada.

Working at Amazon

Company is an e-commerce platform that sells many product lines, including media (books, movies, music and software), clothing, baby products, consumer electronics, beauty products,  food, nutrition, health and personal care products, industrial and scientific. products accessories , cookware, jewelry, watches, lawn and garden supplies, musical instruments, sporting equipment, tools, car accessories, toys and games, and agricultural supplies and consulting services. Company websites are country-specific (such as amazon.com in the US and amazon.fr in France), although some offer international shipping.

Visits to Amazon.com grew from 615 million annually in 2008 to more than 2 billion monthly visitors in 2022. The e-commerce platform is the 14th most visited  in the world. The results produced by Amazon’s search engine are partially determined by advertising fees. The company’s localized stores, with different options and prices, are separated by top-level domain and country code. Amazon.com is primarily a retail site with a  revenue model; it takes a small percentage of the sale price of each product sold through its website, allowing companies to promote their products by paying to be listed as featured products.

As of 2018, Amazon.com is the 8th largest Fortune 500 company in the  United States  by total revenue. In fiscal year 2021, Amazon will earn $33.36 billion and annual sales of $469.82 billion, up 21.7% from the previous fiscal year. Since 2007, the turnover has increased from 14.835 billion to 469.822 billion thanks to the continuous expansion of business. Amazon’s market capitalization rose above $1000 billion again at the beginning of February 2020, after the publication of its results for the fourth quarter of 2019.

How to apply for jobs

If you’re interested in working at Company then, click on the link given below to look at vacancies which are currently available and the registration procedure done for applying at the company.

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