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Bahrain petroleum company

Bahrain Petroleum Jobs and Careers

Bahrain Petroleum Company (Bapco) was established on 11 January 1929. Since then, Bapco has grown into a powerful organization that continues to play a key role in Bahrain’s development as a pioneering industrial power. Bahrain was the first country in the Arabian Gulf to discover oil  in 1932. Bapco helped build that discovery and helped build the building blocks of the region’s hydrocarbon industry when it began exporting oil on  June 7, 1934, and then began refining it since 1936.

Bapco pioneered the development of Bahrain’s human capital, preparing Bahrainis to meet the demands of the oil industry, improving their skills and helping them emerge as globally competitive professionals. Bapco’s success over the past 90 years has been shaped by the support of countless national and international employees  writing the company’s growth story. Bapco was originally owned by  Standard Oil Company of California, but now Bapco  is wholly owned by the Government of Bahrain.

Since its inception, Bapco has been recognized as one of the Kingdom’s anchor companies and as such has remained a significant contributor to  GDP and a reliable revenue generator for the economy. Bapco currently owns a 267,000 bpd refinery,  14 million barrels of storage and marketing and marine terminals for its portfolio of petroleum products. Bapco’s Modernization Program (BMP) will increase processing capacity to 380,000 bpd. The refinery located in  southern Bahrain has several operating units such as atmospheric crude distillation units, vacuum distillation units, low sulfur oil complex, fluid catalytic cracker, low sulfur diesel production complex, hydrocracker and post-BMP oil production unit. distillation unit. The device uses LC Fining Technology.

About Company

The establishment of the Bahrain Petroleum Company (BAPCO) in 1929 marked the beginning of a radical change whose impact was felt in Bahrain and throughout the region. Known for its pearl trade, Bahrain became a pioneer in the oil and gas industry and led the shift towards an industrial economy. The late 1920s was a unique period in world history. It was the period between the two world wars, which included the Great Depression, the collapse of the natural pearl industry, and the social and political upheaval caused by the aftermath of the First World War.

With such negative feelings everywhere, the prospect of finding oil in the Arabian Peninsula gave a glimmer of hope. In 1923, the first  oil and mineral exploration license was awarded in Bahrain under Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa, Ruler of Bahrain and its Dependencies, and Major Frank Holmes.In 1925,  Shaikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, ruler of Bahrain and its dependencies, signed an official  oil exploration concession. The Standard Oil Company succeeded in getting Bahrain’s oil concessions ashore and as a result BAPCO was formed. History was made in 1932 when oil was discovered in well number one at  Jebel Al Dukhan –  the first such discovery in the Persian Gulf. With oil flooding in at 400 barrels per hour, it was clear that Bapco was now up and running.

Awali grew up with modern comforts and conveniences and was the first in Bahrain to have central air conditioning. The consequences of the oil discovery were also visible on the streets of Manama. Yateem Gas Station  opened in 1938 on what is now  Government Road, making it the first  such facility in all of Bahrain. Bapco became a reliable employer for Bahraini citizens who suffered from the collapse of the pearl trade. Many Bahrainis received additional training, equipping them for the challenges of this new industry, which was slowly but surely changing the contours of the Bahraini economy.

Working at Bahrain petroleum

Bapco launched a housing scheme in 1957 which allowed employees to borrow against their savings plan  to build new housing or extend existing housing. Launched in 1955, Bapco’s apprenticeship program became a cornerstone of the company’s commitment to promoting the localization of its workforce. It began offering trade training as well as trade and operator apprenticeships, setting the stage for the training of a new generation of Bahraini artisans, boilermakers, carpenters, clerk managers, tow drivers and others.

 Bapco acknowledges the support of its many suppliers for prompt delivery of goods and services. This support has been key to Bapco’s success over the years and has built the company’s reputation as a reliable business partner. Bapco believes in transparency when  dealing with vendors and suppliers and follows clear  guidelines to  ensure  smooth business that benefits everyone. For more than 90 years, Bapco has been a pioneer as a growth accelerator and  value creator in various fields and regions. Today, Bapco continues to be known for its high-quality products and services, as well as its commitment to occupational safety and sustainability. Bapco has earned the trust and support of customers and suppliers who have benefited from cooperation with the company.

How to apply for jobs at Bapco

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