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Imdaad Dubai|Job Vacancies|UAE|Walk-in-Interview 2022


Imdaad group of companies is hiring employees for various job posts. If you are a talented, eligible candidate, do not waste your time go and grab the job post.  Get all the information about all the job vacancies available and updates from us, Youthlik.com.  Imdaad group of companies has called in for various job posts. Let’s have a look at what are various job posts, the qualifications needed for the candidates, the things which you should pick up while going for a walk-in interview, more about the walk-in interviews, more about Imdaad group of companies, and the workplace you are going to work in, some tips to crack the interview.


Imdaad group of companies is established in the year 2007. It is headquartered in Dubai. It works in the primary sector of Real estate. The companies which work under the Imdaad group of companies are airfares (materials recovery facilities) Ishaad (soft services), Imtedaad (energy management), Homepro (residential maintenance), and Vision Safety (fire safety), Nigma(Automation). Imdaad group of companies is one of the leading and popular facility management companies. The company has over 5000 employees.


It is good to know more about the job place.Let us know more about the place you are going to work on:

Dubai is a city-emirate in UAE(United Arab Emirates). The city is called the city of superlatives. It is one of the richest countries in the world. There are a lot of job vacancies available in Dubai. The language spoken in Dubai is Arabic. The currency in Dubai in United Arab Emirates Dirhams. The most popular industries in Dubai include IT, Consulting, Hospitality, Medical, Banking & Finance.


Walk-in-interview is an open-face interview. It is conducted as face-to-face interviews and by screening the interviewees by lively checking their approach, behavior, attitude, their ability, their focus skills. This gives an interview experience, and the confidence of the interviewees is tested.

The interviews are basically conducted in two phases:

In the first phase, the interview is conducted and the interview board shortlists the interviewee team for the second phase of the interview.

In the second phase, the interview board select the interviewees on the basis of the resume they submitted.

The interview board hire the best employee after the face to face open interview. The walk in interview is advantageous in all aspects. Compared to the interview process which is conducted online by organizing all the Currculum Vitae ‘s submitted by large number of applicants this walk in interview method is the best one. It do not have any disadvantages according to my point of view.


Here are some important tips and tricks for you to attend the walk-in interviews and to crack your interviews also these tips will help all the freshers to attend and crack the interviews impressively. Let’s have a look at it:

  • Study more about the company where you are going to attend the workshop. It is significant and a must-do to know about the firm you are going to work for.
  •          A resume is one page or two-page document which is a short capsule of significant information about you. This is not a long document like Curriculum Vitae.
  •          You can also add the recommendations.
  •          Arrive at the interview conference spot earlier than the actual interview time. Do not be late on the day of the interview. Punctuality is an important factor that you should keep not only on the day of the interview, a habit that you should implement and maintain throughout your life.
  •          Your way of presenting yourself means a lot in front of the interview board. The interview is nothing but it is an open conversation to understand and evaluate your behavior and your approach. Your good academic performance or anything does not matter if you score in your interview.
  •          Good communication skills and effective communication methods are important qualities that you should possess. You should convey all the matters efficiently and impressively efficiently and impressively.
  •          Your gestures and postures are also important.
  •          Dress sensibly, you can wear any formals and present them before the interview board in an executive look. Choose light colors for your attire.
  •          Keep a slight smile always.
  •         Answer the questions of the interview board with confidence.


  • Candidates with GCC/UAE experience have a high preference.
  • Candidates with BISC certification are highly advantageous.
  • They must have high vocabulary skills in English. Good communication skills in English are a must-have quality. Fluency in the language is a significant quality.
  • Candidate must be in visit or canceled visa.
  • If you have a UAE driving license is highly preferred.
  • Candidate must be in UAE.


  • Copy of your Curriculum Vitae CV
  • Colored passport size photo with white background.
  • Original passport size or visit visa or canceled visa or visa with NOC.
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