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Marina Mall Abu Dhabi Job Vacancies 2022

Being unemployed is one of the great challenges faced by the youth, it is a great international botheration. We Youthlik is there for you to get through the problem of unemployed to employed by handing out all the information and updates on the job vacancies available for you.


 Forbes magazine rang a bell out for Marina Mall as the greatest shopping mall in Abu Dhabi. Marina Mall is one of the greatest shopping marts in the world. It is the greatest shopping center in the district. It is one of the most stop structures in the world. Various showrooms, shops, outlets, hypermarkets, and restaurants are here in the shopping center. It is the most popular commercial center. About five hundred retail and service outlets are present.


Abu Dhabi, the land of Gazelle is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is the second most and second-most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Khalifa bib Zayad Al Nahyan. United Arab Emirates Dirham (UAE Dirhams) is the currency of Abu Dhabi.


Marina Mall is the palace of shopping festivities.  The mall was inaugurated in the year2001. It has been one of the greatest commercial centers for over two decades. It is located near the Emirates Palace Hotel. This is a commercial development which is owned by Marina Group of Companies.   

 Mercedes Benz showroom, fashion brands, designer, electronic goods stores such as Al gadgets trading, Cool Gadgets, Samsung, I style, hypermarkets, home goods, specialty shops, theatres, bank offices, exchange bureau, department stores, beauty shops, salons, jewelry, watch shops, Levi’s fashion store.

 The shoes and accessories stores such as Clarks, Fendi, Alta Sartorial, Pars Hilton, Steve Meden, Skechers, Aldo, Rollers, Tiffany. Restaurants such as Figaro’s Pizza, Mcdonald’s, Shakespeare&Co Café, Petek, Shake Shack, Cafes Such As La Brioche, Cinnamon City Cafe, Silicianbo, Café De La Pax, Starbucks Coffee, The Coffee Club.

There are many entertainment zones where you can include many fun activities like table tennis, billiards, shooting, and video games. There is 9 screen multiplex at the Vox Cinemas.


The supermarket jobs, sales jobs, sales assistant jobs, HR jobs, receptionist jobs, hostess jobs. It will be a good start for the freshers, part-time jobs are also available. Your warm and polite behavior will backstop you a lot. A good professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) is also important. The tips for you to crack the interview will be given below. Follow those tips to have a successful career.

Good communication skills are a must quality that you should develop as it’s necessary to convey things meaningfully in an efficient manner.  You will be awarded incentives and many benefits when you have put forward excellent performance.  There will be grants, and incentives based on your performance chart. There will be indemnity, gratuity, high salary, sick leave, and annual leave.


  •          SELF CONFIDENCE: This is the best key to cracking any interviews not only interviews you can crack any life problems with this key quality in your life. You have to keep, and also develop the quality of confidence in your life. If you confidently present yourself in front of the interview board you can ensure that they will be impressed with your first reply itself.

Of course, in most of the interviews, the first and foremost question is to introduce yourself and you have to answer the question in a better manner with confidence in your way of speaking. The interviewer must feel that you are confident enough to handle the job and handle the job pressure.

  •          GOOD COMMUNICATION SKILLS: The quality of communication matters in every job. You must have the ability to communicate the exact matters to the interviewers in good language. Matter of miscommunication leads to several problems within the job place, among colleagues, and also with some clients. To communicate properly with the interviewers, they have to understand your communication skills. Communicating properly with people helps you a lot throughout your career.
  •          SMILE: Present yourself in front of the interview board with a warm smile. Do not go with a tensed face. A warm smile makes everyone happy and it is a sign of spreading positivity. Smiling does not mean not giggling in front of the interview board. Give a smile with confidence. The interview board should understand you are confident enough.
  •          BE OPTIMISTIC: You should be an optimistic person. You should always think positively. You should know that there will be always a positive end to every problem. Be positive and spread positivity. Being optimistic will help you to face any adverse situations in the job and handle them wisely.
  •          DRESS SMARTLY: Present yourself in the best manner in front of the interview board. As we have heard that the first impression makes the best impression, your attire means a lot in interviews not only interviews but also in your work.
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